BASENOR Trust by 200,000+ Tesla Owners since 2017.

Just like you. We are a $TSLA & SpaceX investor, Tesla Model 3 / Model Y / CyberTruck /  owner. 

Tesla is one of the best cars in the world. But how to protect it and make it stand out? I'm an engineer and love design products. At first, I design the Model 3 center console tray and then use the 3D printer to make it come true. I post it on the Tesla group and then receive lots of other owners to ask where to buy it. I noticed that there were some opportunities for tesla accessories.

So I decided to design more accessories for my Tesla.

The business, we call it BASENOR. We are passionate Tesla owners, creative and imaginative start-ups. And we also are a team of techies with a common appreciation for the finer details and utility of great products.

BASENOR aims to change the Tesla aftermarket accessories by creating many innovative pieces that fit together. Add more beauty and performance to Tesla's electric luxury sedan. That will be a really cool journey.

Together, let's accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.