BASENOR Tesla Center Console Organizer Behind Screen Storage Box Dashboard Hidden Tray Non-Slip Sunglasses Tissue Holder for 2022-2024 Model S/S Plaid Model X/X Plaid Interior Accessories

Size: Model S/X
Sale price$23.99


Custom Fit: Loved by 500,000+ Tesla Owners, BASENOR's patented center console screen storage box for the 2022-2024 Tesla Model S, Model S Plaid, Model X, and Model X Plaid adds storage without compromising the interior. It organizes essentials while enhancing aesthetics. Upgrade your Tesla with BASENOR's innovative storage solution.

Optimized Hidden Storage: Make the most of your space with the Tesla Model S/S Plaid storage tray, cleverly hidden behind the center console screen. Increase storage capacity for items like tissue boxes, sunglasses, keys, and cards, ensuring a clean and organized car interior with ample space.

No Impact on Screen Rotation: This innovative storage solution seamlessly accommodates the rotating functionality of the center screen. You can freely rotate the screen without interference from the storage box, allowing convenient access to your belongings.

Non-Slip Design: Made of non-toxic, eco-friendly silicone material, the Tesla Model X/X Plaid behind-screen organizer is durable, dustproof, waterproof, and easy to clean. It won't scratch your items, thanks to its unique textured design and raised edges that effectively prevent slipping, ensuring a secure driving experience.

Effortless Installation: Enjoy the quick and simple installation of the center console tray. Just peel off the adhesive sticker on the bottom, place it behind the screen in the desired position, and it's installed in 10 seconds. The tray is securely fixed, providing stability while driving without any movement or noise.

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