BASENOR Door Seal Kit for 2016-2024 Tesla Model 3

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  • Patented Custom Design: Specifically tailored for Tesla Model 3, this Car Door Rubber Seal Strip has been custom-cut to drastically reduce wind and outside noise from entering the cabin. Compatible with all 2016-2024 Tesla Model 3 vehicles.
  • Premium Material: Made from EPDM expandable hollowed sponge rubber, this Model 3 Seal Strip is flexible, waterproof, and has excellent resistance to heat and cold, ensuring a durable and long-lasting seal.
  • Easy Installation: Simply clean your Tesla door edge, wipe the adhesion promoter on the surface, pull off the sticker red protective backing of the seal, and firmly press for a secure and reliable installation.
  • Reduce Noise: Enhance door tightness, optimize engine compartment cooling airflow, and improve air conditioner efficiency in the cab, all while reducing driving wind noise and providing a quiet driving environment with this Tesla Door Rubber Seal Strip.
  • Essential Accessories: This Tesla Model 3 Door Seal Kit includes 6 custom-cut seal strips for front and rear doors, making it a must-have for all Tesla Model 3 owners looking to enhance their vehicle's sealing and overall performance.

Premium Material

Made from EPDM expandable hollowed sponge rubber . Flexible, waterproof and good resistance to heat & cold. Has a sealing, lower voices, the role of dust.  Fit all Tesla Model 3 Vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Door Seal Kit 


I purchased a model 3 seal kit, why did I receive instructions for a model y kit?

If it appears that the purchase was for a model 3 seal kit but the instructions appear to be for a model y, Please do not worry, we have investigated and confirmed that the product is correct, only the instructions are wrong. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, and we will improve the instructions management.

Why  is  my  seal  kit  installation not as  tight  as  other  reviews ?

Please make sure to use adhesive aid when installing and follow the video to install, it all depends on how you install each door, it only needs to be moved a few millimeters to be tight and seamless.

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