BASENOR Door Seal Kit for 2020-2023 Tesla Model Y

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    • Exquisite Custom Design: The Model Y Car Door Rubber Seal Strip is meticulously tailored for Tesla Model Y, drastically reducing wind and external noise infiltration for an unparalleled cabin experience.
    • Supreme Quality Material: Crafted from EPDM expandable hollowed sponge rubber, the Tesla model y door seal delivers flexibility, waterproofing, and exceptional resistance to heat and cold, ensuring optimal sealing, noise reduction, and dust protection.
    • Effortless Installation: Achieve seamless integration by simply cleaning your Tesla door edge, applying the adhesion promoter, and firmly pressing the seal strip after removing the protective backing.
    • Unrivaled Noise Reduction: Elevate the tranquility of your driving experience with enhanced door tightness, providing sound insulation, optimized engine compartment cooling airflow, and a hushed cabin atmosphere.
    • Indispensable Accessory: The comprehensive package includes eight custom-cut seal strips for front/rear doors, front seals, and rear trunk seals, making this an essential addition for every Tesla Model Y owner seeking exceptional sealing and serenity.

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Reduce wind noise

Tesla Model Y Door Seal Kit 


Why is the AB post missing from the model y seal kit I received?

Our model y seal kit has been revised. The new version of the seal kit does not have AB Pillar Strips. You can check our product details page. Due to the same batch of goods, the manual may not have been updated, we will update it as soon as possible.

Why is my seal kit installation not as tight as other reviews?

Please make sure to use adhesive aid when installing and follow the video to install, it all depends on how you install each door, it only needs to be moved a few millimeters to be tight and seamless. Please make sure to use an adhesion promoter when installing, and use a hot air gun to dry the tape in cold weather to enhance the adhesion.

Why is the tape not long enough when I install it?

Each part of our seal kit will be marked which part it is applicable to, the length of each part is different, please use the corresponding marked seal to install.

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